Four musicians who shared the same kind of love for music came together around 2014.
All four played before their gathering in other bands like Moonshine Reunion, The Baboons and Howlin’ Bill but the feeling was right to become Eastville Sinner.

These four partners in crime are Kris Wouters on rhythm guitar and vocals, Bas Vanstaen on the upright bass and backing vocals and the two Hontelé brothers, Jimmy on lead guitar and backing vocals along with Ken on drums.

Their goal is to bring you some good old vintage music, so they blend some ol’ country music, a little bit of splendid americana, some rare rockabilly and a few extended classics with a whole lotta rock ’n roll !! 
It's the mix of these amazing songs that creates the sound of Eastville Sinner.

Kris Wouters has the rhythm and voice to rock the joint and along with his acoustic guitar and Eastville Sinner they will bring you a selection of high-quality floorfillers. Guitarslinger Jimmy Hontelé knows like no one other how to touch the strings when playing his Telecaster or his eyecatching Airline guitar.
The rhythm section and heart of this band are Ken Hontelé on drums along with Bas Vanstaen on his slappin’ bass. 
This section brings the songs alive with their exceptional and infectious grooves . 

Eastville Sinner is ready to rock your town….

Freddy Vandervelpen



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